At Intergas we are committed to providing you with a safe, reliable and convenient service. We offer expert support to meet all your LPG needs. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, InterGas can get your stove, fridge, fireplace, space heater, water heater, gas grill or any other gas appliances connected.

I was pleasantly surprised to see an all women team of technicians who were very knowledgable about gas installations. Great job, Intergas!




Water Heating

Our Gas Water heating solution is efficient as it heats up water instantly conserving energy as it only heats up water that is being used, once the tap is closed no energy is being used. The tankless Instant LPG water heaters provide exceptional benefits compared to electric and Solar heating units. The units come in a variety of sizes and we can help you choose the best option for your hot water needs.


LPG stoves and hobs are safe, fast and reliable and have become Zimbabwe’s preferred way of cooking because of the convenience they bring. Power cuts will become a thing of the past when you cook with LPG. LPG-powered appliances are the ideal choice for anything from starter-homes with limited space to high-end custom kitchens. We will ensure that you keep cooking no matter the weather.


Warm up to a great variety of stylish LPG fireplaces and enjoy all the things you love about a real fire with none of the hassle. With LPG, you can say goodbye to tossing logs into the fire and hello to putting your feet up and relaxing in efficient, smoke free warmth. And unlike your convectional electric heaters, you can provide your family with heat and light even when the power goes out.

Space Heating

The LPG powered space heaters are wall-mounted, and they can include thermostats for specific heat settings. They come in a variety of sizes, you ’ll be sure to find the best model to keep spaces warm and toasty without wasting excess energy. They work during electrical outages, making them a reliable, convenient option. They are more energy-efficient than electrical heaters and eco-friendly than firewood.

Building or renovating your house?

Intergas provides gas reticulation of the highest safety standards. A single installation can supply gas for all your needs through out the house. Call us and book your assessment today.

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Free delivery!

No need for you to break your back anymore. If you need 48kg of gas and above, we will come and swap out the tank for a full one.

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